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The Company

Rericonsulting GmbH has been active in the disposal and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, non-ferrous metals and other materials since 2007.

Based at Welschnofen – Nova Levante (South Tyrol / Italy), our company has set itself the goal of promoting the environmentally safe and sustainable recycling and/or disposal of products and equipment that have reached the end of their useful life. Cooperating with experienced international partners, we focus, above all, on trade in recyclable materials and the development of low-cost solutions for materials and residues that are difficult to recycle.

Our main fields of activity include the purchase and sale of electronic waste, metals from slag processing and car recycling, trade in rubber granules from waste tyre recycling for synthetic turf production and the construction of sports facilities, trade in plastic materials (ABS/PS/PP/HDPE) recovered from e-waste, and the disposal of problematic materials, such as PUR foam, batteries, textile waste (tyre recycling), wooden railway sleepers (contaminated) and residual fractions for incineration.

We buy these materials mostly from specialized businesses in Italy and act as an intermediary between them and recycling and disposal specialists in Italy and abroad.

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